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 شفرات وكلمات سر لعبة Call of Duty 2

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عدد المساهمات : 140
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تاريخ التسجيل : 02/08/2010
العمر : 28
القرية : الجويزة

مُساهمةموضوع: شفرات وكلمات سر لعبة Call of Duty 2   الثلاثاء أغسطس 23, 2011 11:25 pm

Call of Duty 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Cheat mode:
To activate cheat codes, go to OPTIONGAME OPTION and ENABLE CONSOLE,
click YES. In menu title press: ~ and type: developer 1 = enable
cheat codes, LOAD button appears, click it and select the level Once
the level is loaded type ~ again and type "devmap" and you can use
the following codes:

Code Result
god - God Mode
give ammo - All Ammo
give all - All weapons, full ammo, health and armor
noclip - Walk through solid objects
notarget - Invisibility to most enemies
kill - suicide
jumptonode - Teleport to a node
give [item name] - Spawn indicated item
ufo - Flight mode
map [level name] - Level select
demigod - Double health and can survive one grenade
/seta [mission set name] - Mission set select.
/cg_drawFPS [0-4] - Toggle frame rate display.
/cg_drawFPS 0 - Display Off.
/cg_drawFPS 1 - Simple FPS Display.
/cg_drawFPS 3 - Time FPS Display.
/cg_drawFPS 2 - Verbose FPS Display.

Submitted by: NixPox

Write these paramiters on command line: "Program Files\Activision\
Call of Duty 2\CoD2SP_s.exe" +set developer 1 +set thereisacow 1337
+set developer 2 +set_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0 +set devmap.
Start the game and all cheats are ON after type §(in Finland) (~elsewhere)

Crossing the rhine:
Submitted by: Ivanx

When you come on coast dont shot just press f or your button for swaping
weapon and that. Trow 2 smoke grenades each 1 on the machine gun kill the
one in window on building than charge and kill mg42s.

Cheatmode Demo version:
Submitted by: Haspa

Enable the console from the game's in-game options. Hit the tilde key (next
to the numeric 1 key on the number row) to drop the dev-console. Input seta
thereisacow "1337" and then press [ENTER].
Input spdevmap eldaba. and then press [ENTER]. This will start the demo with
cheats enabled. When playing, drop down the dev-console and enter the
following codes and hit [ENTER] to activate or toggle them.

Code Result
god - God Mode
give all - Get Two Random Weapons
give ammo - Give Ammo
noclip - No Clipping Mode
notarget - Toggle Enemy AI

Capture Hill 400 mission:
Pick up the scoped Gheher43 from the first bunker that you blow down the door
to. Swap it for your Garand. It is very helpful. Every bunker has one so you
do not have to worry about ammunition.

Determining if enemies are still alive:
Even if you shoot the enemy, he may still be alive. Make sure to aim your
crosshairs at him and see if it turns red. If it does, it indicates that
the enemy is still alive, and you must shoot him down more. Do not give the
enemy the chance to shoot you from behind while he regains consciousness.

Multiplayer Gameplay:
Submitted by: Rajan Das

Well always select german army when u are in multiplayer mode,preferably .
Select the MP44 gun ,and when u see a player at a distance,zoom in the gun
aim at his upper body and hit,u will get kills ina n easier better way,
whatever the distance be.The aiming of the gun is very much perfect,and
can get enemies from distance,even if when they are behind bushes at a
distance.The gun has 30 shots per magazine.In case u have to select american
or british,for the latter choose bren LMG and it ha s also almost the same
accuracy level and ease with which u can aim (right click by default) at
the enemy and kill.American grease gun can help a bit,but MP44 is the best,
even better thn sniper ,as the Sniper is tough to handle and slow.
When some on is just in front of you at a fair distance suddenly prone and
aim and hit,it will give you ample scope.

Recommended weapons:
Whenever you have the chance, pick up a Kak 98. It is one of the most powerful
guns in the game. There is a scoped-Kak 98 in the last level (Dragon's Teeth)
in the 2 bunker in the building.

Capture Hill 400 mission:
Pick up the scoped Gheher43 from the first bunker that you blow down the door
to. Swap it for your Garand. It is very helpful. Every bunker has one so you
do not have to worry about ammunition.

Determining if enemies are still alive:
Even if you shoot the enemy, he may still be alive. Make sure to aim your
crosshairs at him and see if it turns red. If it does, it indicates that the
enemy is still alive, and you must shoot him down more. Do not give the enemy
the chance to shoot you from behind while he regains consciousness.

Veteran mode:
Veteran mode cuts life expectancy to three or four shots until you die. However,
Veteran mode does not improve the enemy's aim or strategy. Use small blocks or
small bulges of hills as cover and crawl. Because you do not get points for
kills, do not take the Nazis head on. Let your allies lay some fire, if there
are any. If not, throw a smoke grenade and shift between crouch and crawl positions,
laying cover fire and stall some time for the smoke grenade to spread before the
Nazis rush in. Use this smoke cover to fall back to the nearest safe position
where you can regroup or hide and pick the Nazis off from afar.

Level names:
Use one of the following entries with the map code to advance to the indicated

Level Code
88 Ridge - 88ridge
Armored Car Escape - toujane_ride
Assault On Matmata - matmata
Bergstein - bergstein
Comrade Sniper - downtown_sniper
Crusader Charge - libya
Defending The Pointe - duhoc_defend
Demolition - demolition
Downtown Assault - downtown_assault
El Alamein - elalamein
Holding The Line - decoytown
Prisoners Of War - beltot
Railroad Station No. 1 - trainyard
Rangers Lead The Way - hill400_assault
Red Army Training - moscow
Repairing The Wire - tankhunt
Retaking Toujane - toujane
Stalingrad City Hall - cityhall
The Battle For Hill400 - hill400_defend
The Brigade Box - breakout
The Crossing Point - rhine
The Crossroads - crossroads
The Diversionary Raid - decoytrenches

Mission set names:
Use one of the following entries with the /seta code to unlock the
corresponding set of missions.

Mission set Code
Crossing The Rhine - mis_10 9
D-Day - mis_07 9
Fortress Stalingrad - mis_04 9
Hill 400 - mis_09 9
Not One Step Backwards! - mis_03 9
Rommel's Last Stand - mis_06 9
The Battle For Caen - mis_08 9
The Battle Of Alamein - mis_02 9
The Tank Squadrons - mis_05 9
The Winter War - mis_01 9

General Hints:
Submitted by: RF

1 - Smoke gernades provide instant concealment. They are very useful for geting
close to tanks on the russian front comrade.
2 - SMG'S. Very fun to use. They work best at close range my favorite is the
ppsh 42.
3 - Rifles. Prety uselful at short to medium range the best are the svt40 and
gwher becuse they are semiauto.
4 - Sniper Rifles. My favorite weapon in the game very good for picking of
enmeys espicialy machine gunners before they can get setup My favorite
is the gwher sniper rifle becuse it is semi auto.

The grenade indicator is useful, however, you do not have to run away from it
every time. If the indicator points that a grenade has landed near you, but you
are taking cover behind a wall, you do not need to run away. Instead, the grenade
will explode and not damage you at all.

Kill types:
Head shots are instant kills. Body shots require two or more shots for a kill.

Optimization tips for older PC's:
Fortunately, CoD2 is fully scalable to run on a variety of PC's. Here is a list of
optimizations for those with less powerful or older PC's:

Make sure these options are present:
resolution 640x480
refresh rate 60hz
sync every frame on
smooth mouse on
anti-aliasing off
filtering bilinear
other graphics settings; default

If you still have issues with low performance or chop, check your hdd free space
available. You want at least 15% available freespace as most machines are configured
to use around 10% of free space for file swapping, and the game itself will use some
free space as well. If you have less than 15% you will almost certainly experience
a drop in performance. Furthermore, go to start-all programs-accessories-system tools
disk defragmenter. Select the relevant drive and click analyze. Once the analyze is
done, view report. If your file fragmentation is 20% or greater, you should defrag
the drive. Once all of this is completed, you should have a very smooth running game
even on much older systems. I installed this game on an older PC and at first it was
almost unplayable, but after changing to the settings mentioned and then doing the
system maintenance as suggested, the game runs beautifully.

Play Any Mission:
Bring down the console in game with your tilde key (the key to the left of "1") and
enter the following to play your desired mission. This will allow you to play missions
you are yet to unlock

Code Effect
map 88ridge Play "88 Ridge"
map toujane_ride Play "Armoured Car Escape"
map matmata Play "Assault On Matmata"
map bergstein Play "Bergstein"
map downtown_sniper Play "Comrade Sniper"
map libya Play "Crusader Charge"
map duhoc_defend Play "Defending The Pointe"
map demolition Play "Demolition"
map downtown_assault Play "Downtown Assault"
map elalamein Play "El Alamein"
map decoytown Play "Holding The Line"
map beltot Play "Prisoners Of War"
map trainyard Play "Railroad Station No. 1"
map hill400_assault Play "Rangers Lead The Way"
map moscow Play "Red Army Training"
map tankhunt Play "Repairing The Wire"
map toujane Play "Retaking Toujane"
map cityhall Play "Stalingrad City Hall"
map hill400_defend Play "The Battle For Hill 400"
map duhoc_assault Play "The Battle Of Pointe Du Hoc"
map breakout Play "The Brigade Box"
map rhine Play "The Crossing Point"
map crossroads Play "The Crossroads"
map decoytrenches Play "The Diversionary Raid"
map eldaba Play "The End Of The Beginning"
map silotown Play "The Silo"
map newvillers Play "The Tiger"

Unlock Any Mission:
The following cheats will allow you to unlock any mission of your choosing in the
mission select screen. Bring down the console with the tilde key (button to the
left of "1") in game and type the following commands to unlock your desired mission

Code Effect
/seta mis_10 9 - Unlock "Crossing The Rhine" Mission Set
/seta mis_07 9 - Unlock "D-Day" Mission Set
/seta mis_04 9 - Unlock "Fortress Stalingrad" Mission Set
/seta mis_09 9 - Unlock "Hill 400" Mission Set
/seta mis_03 9 - Unlock "Not One Step Backwards!" Mission Set
/seta mis_06 9 - Unlock "Rommel's Last Stand" Mission Set
/seta mis_08 9 - Unlock "The Battle For Caen" Mission Set
/seta mis_02 9 - Unlock "The Battle Of El Alamein" Mission Set
/seta mis_05 9 - Unlock "The Tank Squadrons" Mission Set
/seta mis_01 9 - Unlock "The Winter War" Mission Set

Veteran mode:
When playing on the Veteran difficulty in campaign mode, always take cover. When ever
you reload or get hurt badly always go prone or get behind a wall. Also, use your
smoke grenades wisely. You will need them to get past certain parts of the game; for
example, when clearing houses or getting past turrets.

Shooting Movements *Hints*:
Submitted by: Skulker2797

Spacebar-Get up

Using all weapons doesn't just kill a enemy. You need to right RMB (Right-click) to aim
well, if not, you'll just going to throw a full of lead.

Red Army Training mission: Mad Commissar:
After you get your guns the Commissar will tell you to shoot the teddy bear. Do not shoot
the bear. Instead, shoot the bottles and plates. He will get very mad. After you shoot
about four or five of the bottles or plates he will pull out a pistol and kill you.
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